Chance Encounter helps lead to victory for Jonesboro Ga City Councilman

I met Alfred Dixon III a couple of months prior to the special elections for Jonesboro City Councilman (Citywide) seat vacated by the death of the Honorable Councilman Wallace Norrington. The Special Election was held on November 8, 2016.

Mr. Dixon was canvassing the neighborhood and proceeded to cross the lawn to introduce himself to me. His initial demeanor appeared to be one of a person seeking a donation of sorts. Never judge a book by its cover. Upon engaging Mr. Dixon I realized he was running for City Councilman. I asked him why he was running. He began sharing his vision for what he wants to do with young people, seniors and entrepreneurs. Naturally I was very delighted to hear what he was planning. I said Mr. Dixon, Are you running to win or just to participate. He said I want to win. I said you don’t have much time, I can offer you two strategic strategies that would work quickly if you adhere to them. You must ask the constituency what they want, involve the youth and on the day of election mobilize your street team with customer service. I also said iron your shirt, pants and switch out your sneakers to a pair of black shoes cleanly polished.

We spoke more about who to involve and what to do on the day of election in order to attain a victory. During the course of his campaign my daughter passed away and I had to travel to New York urgently. I told Mr. Dixon of my plight and that I had to go to Barbados before returning to Georgia. He sent me an email notifying me of his success on November 8th and I was elated.

Upon return from my trip to Barbados we spoke and he told me that he followed my suggestions to the letter and that I had bolstered a passion in him to be successful. He thanked me for sharing and I noticed his dress code had improved. I said, “man you look good,” he said “man this is all  you. . .Thank you so much for coaching me.” We took a brief tour of the city and he shared some of the vision he held in his heart for nine years.

I now call him Councilman Dixon! Imagine the pride I felt recognizing his victory and his passion for change. I always say that knowledge not shared is a waste of time. I now serve at the pleasure of the Councilman in a special advisory capacity as we build the city. . .lets rock and roll, the theme going forward.

by Aubry Padmore

To learn more about Councilman Dixon and events or to become a volunteer visit or email

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Toni Norville sharing a moment with mr. Alfred Dixon, City Councilman, City of Jonesboro. . .find out what this young man is doing to make history in the city.




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