CHRISTOPHER A SEALY,   Certified in Food, Beverage & Hospitality Operations Management & One of the Caribbean’s - (Barbados) Top Wine Sommeliers.

Christopher Sealy, also known by his entertainment name as “Chris Mann”, is a young man who has spent several years in the restaurant, bar and hospitality industries. His expertise and most recent accomplishment is that of Wine Sommelier. His passion for wines and his knowledge of the hospitality industry has ignited his interest not only for specialized local brands of Barbados but also those across the Caribbean and globally.

Christopher has a deep passion for people and serving them; this is expressed through his work experiences throughout the years in the Hotel and Tourism Sectors and through his very own local entertainment business, “Ultra Premium Inc.”, an outstanding event planning concept in the areas of corporate, public and special events. Christopher enjoys traveling, fine dining and movies, and also has a great passion for fashion, the latest in both corporate and casual wear.


Christopher discovered his love for wines while working in some of the most elegant restaurants and private homes in Barbados and from interacting with recognized wine connoisseurs. Far from his love of wines being just an interest, his passion in wines grew to the “mating” of wines with foods, then to wines with cheeses , then again to wines with cigars, and thereafter to the study of French as his second language. With the vast knowledge to be learnt on wines and their processes, Christopher’s plan is to have his own wine brand after traveling the world and being able to study more about the fruits and different climate conditions that would both be an advantage and disadvantage throughout the wine production and manufacturing processes.

Christopher believes that there is a wine for everyone; even those who are the average social drinker or those who profess to have a strong dislike for wines. As he embarks on many endeavors to help find that wine best suited for the customer’s palate in conjunction with their favorite dish, Christopher stated in his own words, “Wine is one of the many finer things in life and also one of the main characteristics that add to the word fine in “fine dining.” ………………..Quoted by Chris Mann















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