GROOMING BOYS TO MEN –The Barbershop Talk

The good news on the rekindling of literacy in our community took center stage at Good News Barbershop in Jonesboro, Ga.  Local barbershop owner in conjunction with Clayton County Library hosted an event entitled, “Grooming Boys to Men: The Barbershop Talk” under the theme, “Building a Better World” on Monday, July 31, 2017 from 12:00 – 2:00Pm, EST at Good News Barbershop located at 9526 South Main Street, Jonesboro, Ga30236. Jonesboro Library and Good News Barbershop are interested in “grooming what is in the head as well as what’s on it.”

Highlights of the conversation included guest speakers from different professions spanning:
Importance of Literacy
Talent and Entrepreneurship
Managing Money
Law Enforcement
Spoken Word and more

Youth author Tyrik Wynn spoke on the inspiration behind his book and why young people should learn how to manage “the green.” Mr. Wynn continued by sharing tidbits from his book and thanking his family for helping him to realize his dream of authorship.

Demario Davis, Clayton County Corrections officer, shared his vision on why he became a corrections officer and strategies on engaging law enforcement officers that can save your life as well as enhance communication between the community and law enforcement. He also shared his passion for God and how his faith brought him a sense of fulfillment on and off the job. He will be launching his ministry soon.

Eric Green, owner of Good News Barbershop, offered his vision for the business and how he is using his gift of barbering and ministry to help develop good literacy participation with the youth. He also indicated that the barbershop is a family and the community is the extended family that makes our life work. For this reason, we should all take care of each other, share stories and invest in the literary works of local independent authors.

Lance McGuffie shared one of his riveting poems with the audience while reflecting on his own personal fears that inhibited him from pursuing his goals and dreams. He expressed that his faith in God and direction by God to challenge the things he feared were a direct result of his current success.

Aubry Padmore shared some insight on what education means as a reciprocal relationship between student and teachers. He also shared strategies and how to turn your talent into a feasible dream of entrepreneurship by applying the three C’s of commit, consistent to build credibility.
Xavier Scott, Youth Services Assistant Jonesboro Library, shared his story of family trials and overcoming chaotic circumstances. Xavier is also a well-read Jazz musician
The event was moderated by Jesse Storr, who did a fantastic job of introducing the speakers and poets. He also offered insightful summaries on each speaker’s topic and urged the young men to act on their ideas and delight in their passion as becoming empowering citizens of the next generation of community builders.











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