Yvette Maynard can be aptly described as a renaissance woman.  From a retired Telecommunications Operator at Cable & Wireless,  Ms. Maynard has gone on to become one of the most enviable women of her era.

She met and was encouraged by the Co-Founder of Caribvoiceradio to become a Broadcaster with that online radio station and hosted her own show on Friday nights with the same title. Because of her personality, Ms. Maynard fits in well as CEO of a Public Relations and Marketing Company – Future Quest Services - which has a registered office in Barbados. She is Editor of a fictional novel written by Dr. Anita Davis-DeFoe entitled “Tropical Escapes” which was set in a Caribbean island. Her debut Motivational Speech was made at the Sherbourne Conference Centre in Barbados on August 31, 2008 and was very well received. The CD of that speech was available for sale and surpassed sales expectations. She also produced a Motivational CD that was sold at the event.

She completed the writing of her autobiography entitled "Life Without Limits" which was published in New York and launched in Atlanta, Georgia in May 2010. Ms. Maynard has started producing a web TV series entitled "Life Without Limits" which seeks to profile people whose lives seemingly have no limits. The first edition was filmed on location at the Almond Casuarina Hotel in Barbados and will be aired on Community T.V via our New York affiliate Caring About People Productions via Time Warner Studios in Staten Island New York which was one of her scheduled stops on her book signing tour

As the CEO of Future Quest Services, Ms. Maynard focused on developing her first book while working with aspiring Independent Recording Artist in the Caribbean and USA. She was very instrumental in putting together the first ever Independent Artist Reciprocation Programs in the Caribbean Region held at The Ship Inn, St. Lawrence Gap Barbados featuring Kirk Brown and Strategy the Band with her California Rap-Hip Hop Artist Kelda Williams from The Bay Area of California.

By leaps and bounds Ms. Maynard has found her feet firmly planted in the international arena. In June 2014 she participated in the various forums to celebrate Caribbean American Heritage Month In Washington DC which encompassed the White House, State Department, Patent and Trademark and Copyright office, the census Bureau and the Georgia representative John Lewis’ office.

With a distinct focus on gluten free living, Ms. Maynard has embarked on a book launch of her most recent publication “Gluten Free Cooking at Your Finger Tips” at the BMW showroom in Barbados on February 28, 2015.  To a standing room only audience, she shared her experience as a gluten sensitive individual, who does not see it as a disease but merely a lifestyle change. On May 17, 2015, she also held another launch at her church – Kingdom Life Assembly – where she shared pertinent information about the ease with which she manages her lifestyle change.

The Ex-Police Association in New York was the venue for yet another launch of her book and she stands willing to share her knowledge with anyone who may be interested in learning more about the gluten free lifestyle. Currently in the middle of writing another book – “Gluten and sugar free treats at your fingertips,” Ms. Maynard is of the view that diabetics should be able to enjoy healthy treats as well but not at the expense of their health. This book will be launched before the end of 2016 and will provide tasty treats with the health conscious in mind.
As a gluten free transition coach she plans to embark on gluten free seminars and workshops with her focus on transitioning from the regular lifestyle to the gluten free lifestyle.




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