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It was like a fresh summer beach feeling when CaribVoiceRadio caught up with Sandra Went, not Only a black female entrepreneur, but the only Black female to own and operate a fine service jewelry store in the state of New York named L. F. Lapidary.Taking a well-deserved vacation on the island of Barbados recently, Sandra Went described her journey as not only valuable but a learning curve that led to her designing and crafting jewelry for some of the more prominent persons in Barbados, such as Jessica Odle-Baril, to name just one of her clients out of this lovely bunch of elite individuals.L.F Lapidary is a full service jewelry store which designs and offers jewelry made out of diamonds and rare cultured pearls. The showcase of art via Went’s jewelry designs can be found on her website www.lafrantz.com, which includes engagement rings, cultured pearls and family heirloom jewelry.Went noted that in her journey to become a designer and crafter of unique jewelry, she  studied specifically the art of jewelry-making and her academic studies at age 16 was the foundation which propelled her to where and what she has accomplished today.  Went shared that “many people are surprised that you can actually study processing and purchasing of of diamonds, jewelry pieces and precious stones, known as gemology.”It doesn’t stop there for Went and L.F. Lapidary! The jewelry store also offers customization, appraisal of jewelry and repair services in New York. All it takes is one conversation with Went, and she gets down to mapping out the design based upon your vision which is her talent. The process is simply, share your design, your choice of stone, whether you want the piece in gold or silver, and perhaps with cultured pearls accents, and Went will come up with that exquisite piece only found at L. F. Lapidary.Sandra Went has been spending the last months graciously focused on designing a a piece for Social Entrepreneur and Global Solutionist Dr. Anita Defoe, just in time for her Circle of 99 Global Business Summit being held at the New York, Marriott on August 10th, 2019.Went said, “this exquisite piece takes the concept of togetherness and communicates it through the jewelry piece being designed, and I will be presenting it to Dr. DeFoe in recognition of her global work and it will be worn by Dr. Defoe, at the event. “Went will be in the Circle of 99  and will have some of her designs on display. See You All There!CaribVoiceRadio (Barbados)Mareka Haynes, Reporterjewels1jewels2


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Local Security Company takes the meaning of security services to a whole new level by launching Entrepreneur Mindset Employment Initiative.

A spokesperson for Security Hub International is suggesting that Barbadians be retrained to be better citizens and employees by learning the mindset of an entrepreneur as it relates to customer service at home, job function when hired, and continuity of good work practices during employment.

Barbados human capital is our most important value as a nation. We need to invest in mindset mastery through purpose-centered education to elevate positive outcomes for our citizens.  As a security company our livelihood is driven by poor behavior on behalf of human capital, in and outside of our Island.

The nature of our business is to protect the value of Barbadians and their belongings by providing security systems for commercial and residential properties. As a company we also rely on human capital value to hire people who will represent our culture of work and customer service. We have retained a world-class trainer to assist us in merging our company culture with excellent work ethic in customer services and hiring practices. We are pleased to announce that the program is working well and our company will continue these practices as we elevate the company mindset of our management team and employees.

Healthy mindset and physical value is paramount on our radar as we build our company to be a local and global impact player in the security business.

To learn more about Security Hub International visit www.securityhubinternational.com or call our office.

Mareka Haynes: Communications Officer – Security Hub International