Ashley Jones


Ashley Jones is a freelance artist from Richmond, VA with roots stemming from Harlem, NY. She has a range of artistic skills from portrait drawing to graphic design. She has created pieces to be showcased at the VCU art program and paintings that have been showcased in Virginia’s youth African American appreciation program.

She has been currently exploring media production as an extension to her creative resume.  Ashley moved from colonial Richmond to the Big Apple to build on her education and career as an imaginative futurist. Being that art is her passion, she has looked for a route to express this in every job that she is faced with.

As assistant to an IEP classroom, Ashley made sure that every student had a means to express themselves through art therapy. This in turn, inspired the classroom to build upon that interest and create something for the children’s graduation that reminded them of how much they loved fine art.

For the children’s graduation, Ashley created a showcase that consisted of custom portraits of each child’s face to capture them in the inspiring and creative kids that they were all that year. Ashley has also created many templates and logos for clients that needed a design to capture their audience’s eye. Ashley is currently building herself as a creative visionary for all things consisting of the fine arts.