March 1, 2024


Chairwoman Lisa Cupid remains Committed, Confident and Credentialed - leadership engagement with constituency, very inclusive of the youth and global community


I have been extremely impressed with Lisa Cupid from my first opportunity to meet her at the Caribbean-American Global Business Connection conference launch almost a decade ago. 

I had just completed the genesis conference for women in Barbados, aptly named Ordinary Women Extraordinary Lives. Sebrena Sumrah Kelley, the original creator of the CABC conference, was in Barbados and was not scheduled to speak but because she took the time to travel two thousand miles I thought it was my Barbadian hospitality mentality to give her a voice opportunity. I gave up my spot as a speaker and invited her to the stage. Her speech went viral and she continues to serve her calling as a community networker. 

In reciprocation I was given the opportunity to be a keynote speaker at her event launch and that is where I met Lisa Cupid. She is the first African-American/Caribbean candidate to make history by being elected for District 4 Commissioner, where she maintained her leadership style for two uncontested seasons, and then ran for Chairwoman, where she won and became the first African-American Chairwoman of the third largest county in the State of Georgia.

She continues to celebrate her constituents and is extremely connected to the growth, development and sustainability of youth and global affairs and management. Her vision to launch the International Cobb Festival five years ago was a hypersonic approach to building unity in Cobb County and further afield across the USA, Caribbean and globally. 

Her Youth Town Hall meeting last night (Thursday, Feb. 29, 2024) featured intellectual and heartfelt conversation with her Youth Commissioners and leadership staff across all platforms of servitude in the county. The Q&A session hosted by the Chairwoman with her staff brought forth fruit on how to develop and maintain relationships between the county and its residents.


- Aubry Padmore, Caribvoice Radio