AfriKin Art Fair
Miami, FL
12/3 - 12/10/23


"Against All Odds!" Black History
Past, Present, and Future
International Art Exhibition

Washington, DC

Call for Art Entries

Entry Deadline: Saturday, December 29, 2023

(up to 3 works of art)



"Signed Masterpieces"

International Art Exhibition & Global Competition
Washington, DC




Gallery Opens Today!

October 15 through December 31, 2023

Signed Masterpieces - An International Art Exhibition and Global Competition, Honoring the Beauty of Sign Languages Around the World. This Global Art Competition is an attempt to create awareness about the challenges and triumphs of the hard of hearing across the globe. 


Komal Patel, our humanitarian sponsor, is a self-taught visual artist and author who leverages her background as an Occupational Therapist to advocate for artists of all abilities. Through Art and Ability, Komal strives to show that creativity exists within all people regardless of physical or mental challenges. Art and Ability is founded on this very concept and is created to promote artists with disabilities. 


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Anand Swaroop Manchiraju (India)
Aruna Patel (India)
Carole Ince (Canada)
Humberto Guanipa (Venezuela)
Indra Persad Milowe (Trinidad & Tobago / USA)

See their video here:

Janie McGee (USA)
Jerome Smith (USA)
John Mark Rainey (USA)
Khalequz Zaman (Bangladesh)
Mahesh Patel (India)

See their video here:

Miggs Burroughs (USA)
Nona Gold (Canada)
O Yemi Tubi (MOYAT)
Pauline Barrett (British Virgin Islands)
Theresa Taylor (USA)

See their video here:

Usha Kolpe (USA)
Vasile Ghiuta (Canada)
Wendy Kraft (USA)

See their video here:


Please join us for the free Artists' Talk and Virtual Gallery Tour 

via Zoom.
Friday, October 27, 2023, 6PM Eastern

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Carolyn Goodridge,

Founder & Executive Director

Releasing Light Into The World Through Artists


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