About Aubry

Aubry Padmore, BA, MPA., is a self-made entrepreneur from Barbados who structured a strategic plan for his life to become a successful motivational speaker, author, coach and publisher. Aubry credits his nature to being an outcast from birth. He shares his story from being born mute to crafting his entrepreneur prowess, beginning with planting vegetables, raising chickens and supplying the local supermarket with products to help sustain his financial life while in high school.

Aubry was a church boy from an early age and was very inquisitive. He remembers a legally blind man grabbing his arm and pulling him off to church. The following years honed his inquisitiveness about God and the universe, while questioning his purpose for living.

Aubry later moved onto the judicial system as a mailroom Court Aide, and a couple years later became the Supervising Court Aide for NYS Civil Court in charge of providing support for all judicial and non- judicial staff under the direction of the Chief Clerk and Chief Budget Management Analyst Citywide.

Aubry has many credits to his name including that of Program Specialist for Boy Scouts of America, where he entered different projects to create scout troops. His endeavors led him to meet Grace Ferranti, a local community activist and travel agent who shared her dream of creating a production company. CAP Productions was born out of that conversation as a TV production company for the disabled.

Speaking Topics


Speaking at Marriott Marquis, Atlanta 2016

Speaker speaking topics:

1. How to develop and sustain your vision in difficult times (life is hard at times, so how do I execute a win-win situation?)

2. Re-doing “you” in the midst of Chaos (what is your (written) plan to win?)

3. Entrepreneurship – the way forward for sustainability (going from idea to practice- do I qualify?)

4. The FIVE Fundamentals and FIVE “C’s” of Empowerment and how to use them (regardless of the situation you must be a practitioner of the 5 C’s program)

5. Employee vs employer mentality and the Entrepreneurial win-win Spirit (whose agenda should you represent when you turn up for work?)

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Why choose me?

I have had several years of professional training and experience to share knowledge in the manner that represents my products and service offering. My track record is based on theory and practice which makes me an avid person to work with in order to achieve your goals.

How do you benefit?

You gain applicable strategies related to your current problem that will enhance the possibility of your success. I spend a lot of time listening to you share in order to gain an understanding of your problem that needs a solution. After listening and asking qualified questions I am able to create a progressive solution that will require your participation in order for you to achieve your goal.

Testimonials: Past clients are readily available to share.

I specialize in the following development areas:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Personal Growth
  • Professional Development
  • Relationship Coaching
  • Communication Skills
  • Confidence & Personal Power
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Achieving Balance
  • Organization & Productivity