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Hi, my name is Corey. Music is my Life and my Passion – I’ve been a Producer, Mix Engineer, multi-Instrumentalist and studio Musician for 15+ years now.

Major & Independent artistes, you can have your music professionally recorded, arranged, mixed and mastered by me. You can also give your audio via the internet or on Disk Drive, CD-R or DVD-R, and stay involved in the process wherever you are in the world.

Why Hire Me as Your Producer / Engineer?
* My Ears
* My Experience
* My ability to consistently deliver great mixes / masters.

With Starway you will always get Sonic Integrity and Consistency. Whatever style, flavor, color, or kind of soul you bring, I am qualified to usher your recording through its crystallizing moment.

I think on the chance that you have an enthusiasm and love for music, at that point you bring that to your production/engineering sessions. The way that I’m an artiste and musician first, and have performed/played in various genres, gives me an affinity for what I’m working with and the artistes and composers involved.

I have the best digital / analog gear that money can buy at my fingertips. I take great Pride in my work, treat ALL clients equally and I put the same Energy, Attention, Talent and Dedication into every project I do. I want to work with Artistes who are serious about their Music, whatever the genre.

Starway Studios offers recording, arranging, mixing, mastering, and song writing services. I have worked on records in Soca, Pop, R&B, Gospel, Dancehall, Jazz and Reggae.

Check out the Playlist of some of my works 2007 – 2020:


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                                                                                                                             video credits: videographer – Kemar Roach







Local Security Company takes the meaning of security services to a whole new level by launching Entrepreneur Mindset Employment Initiative.

A spokesperson for Security Hub International is suggesting that Barbadians be retrained to be better citizens and employees by learning the mindset of an entrepreneur as it relates to customer service at home, job function when hired, and continuity of good work practices during employment.

Barbados human capital is our most important value as a nation. We need to invest in mindset mastery through purpose-centered education to elevate positive outcomes for our citizens.  As a security company our livelihood is driven by poor behavior on behalf of human capital, in and outside of our Island.

The nature of our business is to protect the value of Barbadians and their belongings by providing security systems for commercial and residential properties. As a company we also rely on human capital value to hire people who will represent our culture of work and customer service. We have retained a world-class trainer to assist us in merging our company culture with excellent work ethic in customer services and hiring practices. We are pleased to announce that the program is working well and our company will continue these practices as we elevate the company mindset of our management team and employees.

Healthy mindset and physical value is paramount on our radar as we build our company to be a local and global impact player in the security business.

To learn more about Security Hub International visit www.securityhubinternational.com or call our office.

Mareka Haynes: Communications Officer – Security Hub International