As a continuation of the “Juneteenth” and “Caribbean American Heritage Month” celebrations, we will be incorporating health and wellness as a part of our general mission. Have you ever heard of the saying “What happens in this house, stays in this house?” or asked someone the question “How are you?” and they respond with “I’m good” and continue the conversation as normal? Growing up did you ever hear the phrase “you know we don’t talk about certain things” which in turn caused a flurry of unexpressed emotions and sometimes triggers?

The Caribbean Women’s Expo would like to take this time to discuss and challenge these stigmas and bring awareness to topics that are often swept under the rug in strict households. Some people seek the help of a medical professional, some confide in someone close or simply just learn to cope on their own. The fact is that somebody needs to hear your story and your experience no matter how dark it may be or have been. We can all bring healing to one another.
We would love for you to participate in this discussion and welcome you to be a part of online series Uncomfortable Conversations


Join Aubry Padmore and guest on Sunday, July 12@ 8:00 PM, Est for this installment of ‘Spirituality in the Mix.’  We welcome Athena Lucene.

If you are looking for someone with experience who can fully support you with developing your mystical abilities, and incorporating them with the balance in your day to day life, so that you can experience self-love, acceptance, and emotional freedom, then I can help.

I understand the challenges you’re experiencing in managing your gifts, because as a naturally spiritually gifted person myself, with multiple sixth sense abilities, I too wasn’t always supported. I didn’t always have the resources or guidance I needed from a mentor or someone who was like me that was able to help me in the development of my own abilities (


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